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Type High Speed Horizontal Dough Mixer

Type High Speed Horizontal Dough Mixer

JLHM type high speed horizontal dough mixer is a high quality pasta processing equipment manufactured by our company upon exploration and test for many times on basis of using the domestic and overseas advanced technologies for reference. This product possesses high production efficiency, large output, and stable and reliable quality. It simulate the principle of the manual dough mixing under the state of oxygen enrichment, the processed flour products are equipped with the smooth taste, high transparency, and good elasticity. As the preferred equipment of top grade prepared food, top grade pasta products and breadcrumbs processing, it meets the food HACCP standard requirements.

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1. It adopts double speed motor and intelligent electrical control system, with the stable running.

2. This machine adopts the stirring bar type stirrer and blends at a low speed, so that the flour, water and various additives are mixed uniformly. In the case of dough mixing at a high speed, it can sufficiently promote the generation of the gluten in the flour, and add 5-10% of the water contents than the dough mixing under the normal state. It can make the mixed dough bright, uniform, fluffy and elastic, with great intensity of the gluten, and significantly improve the quality of the dough.

3. It possesses the function of automatic dough delivering, and adopts the hydraulic transmission, which is quick and reliable with accurate positioning. The parts of contacting the food and the appearance adopt the superior quality stainless steel materials, and meet the requirements of the national food hygienic standard.

4. Adopting human-machine interfaces, it is convenient with precise control and the color touch screen and PLCs are imported brand-name appliances.

5. It has the  function of supplying water quantitatively and supplying flour quantitatively and regular; it adopts manual and automatic control for mixing time, which is easy to use; it has the functions of time setting and display, which allow the users to set different operating parameters for different products.

6. It has the function of temperature detection, which allows to add ice or hot water to the work container according to the process to control the temperature of the blend to achieve the best results.




Amount   of mixing

Stirring   rate

Total   power

Power   source

Main   motor






380v   50HZ 三相五线制

WEG   motor



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