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Gas-fired Cyclic Filter Deep Fryer

Gas-fired Cyclic Filter Deep Fryer

This machine adopts low power large-caliber ejector burners combination with large diameter of heat exchange tube, make frying oil unit heat-exchange area thermal power transmission less than 3 watts per square centimeter. Thereby extend changing oil period. Use dip tube type heating mode, 2-3 times than the traditional fryer pot, solve the partial oxidation phenomenon, make frying oil hold color bright, improve the quality of the products.

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 Widely used in fried nuts, puffed food, meet , such as peanuts, broad bean, hazelnut, rice crisp, sticky rice strips, fried bun with sugar, fried fish, fried chicken and so on, the most ideal equipment to produce fried food.


1. Adopt planetary mix way and unique electric discharging structure, can finish discharging in emergency, avoid the losses due to power off.

2. The pot bottom clean residue scour, frying oil forced circulation filter system, clean frying oil of pot bottom effectively and vent from pot body fried area, changed the residue burned taste phenomenon.

3. Use dip tube heating mode, heat uniform, solve the local peroxide phenomenon, make frying oil color bright, effectively improve keep things quality. Adopting advanced temperature control and time control combination, can assist the worker complete for product quality control, effectively reduce the labor intensity of the workers.



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