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Hot Vacuum Sealing Machine

Hot Vacuum Sealing Machine

Achievable to plastic, aluminum thin bag of high temperature and vacuum packaging of aqueous products, such as food stuffing, soup, seasoning, marinades meat, vegetables, containing fluids, sticky materials etc. Also can pack various livestock meat, dried fruit candied fruit, pickles, bean products, local specialty, medicinal materials, electronic products, chemical goods, vacuum packing to isolate air, moistureproof, prevent mildew to change, mothproof function, can effectively prolong packaged goods shelf life.

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Product features:

1. Full stainless steel structure, never rust.

2. Bags content temperature above 85degree can still evacuation, sealing.(depending on the type, quantity and packing different). Suitable for food stuffing, soup, seasoning, marinades meat, pickles, etc of vacuum packing.

3. Vertical type sealing, maximum utilization of vacuum chamber space, with special designed multi-bag packaging frame, each packing quantity can reach 2-50bags or above. Sealing length can reach the traditional type of 5-10 times, production for traditional vacuum packaging machine 5-10 times.( according to supporting bag frame vary, customizable).

4. Accessories:

0.5kg bag frame, 2.5kg bag frame, 5kg bag frame, 1.5kg bag frame




Power source

Hot drawn vacuum degree

Hot sealing temperature



3kw/380v 50hz



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